Why an obstacle mud race, you say?

  • Why not?  They are downright fun! You will hear a ton of grunts, but also a lot of laughter and the sounds of your fellow racers cheering you on.
  • You will feel a great sense of accomplishment. Mud races test participants physically, mentally and emotionally. You will use all your muscle groups and a good deal of your grit.
  • You don’t have to be a great athlete or endure hard-core training to run a successful race. While certain mud races do attract a more hard-core crowd, other mud races (like Hard As Nails) are purposefully designed to ensure the first-timer with a good sense of adventure has a great day.
  • Mud races are not just about individual pursuits. They are about community and camaraderie. You will be amazed at how well folks who just met at the starting line step up to help each other over, under, through, up or down an obstacle.
  • Mud brings out everyone’s youthful spirit. Yes, you will get dirty, but you will enjoy it more than you know. It actually feels good and the muddier you get the more proud you’ll be!
  • Hard as Nails Obstacle Mud Race participant in the Wrenching River Crawl